CBB61 celling fan capacitor

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 1.CBB61 AC Motor Capacitor
2.Rated voltage:250VAC,300VAC,350VAC,450VAC,500VAC
3,Small size,reliable electrical performance

CBB61 Type AC Motor Capacitor ,Capacitor

 Features and Purposes of usage:

1.Rectangular fire-retardant plastic outer case. Welded pads or leads lead-out.
2.Small bulk volume. Light weight. Easy and reliable installation. Good spontaneous cure.
3.Application of ZnAI edge thickened evaporation technology. Good electric feature. High reliability.
4.Large resistance to electric shock. High electric resistance.
5.Suitable for start and running of 50Hz/60Hz AC motor. Especially suitable for electric appliances with small motors such as fans.
Technical standards:

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