3RU1126 Thermal Relay


Siemens alike 3RU Thermal Relay (Thermal Overload Relay)

3RU series thermal relays are suitable for using in the power system with AC 50/60Hz, rated operaton voltage up to 690-1000V,rated operation current from 0.1A to 100A.Theyare used to protect AC 3 phase asynchronous motors against overload and phase failure.They also have the fuctions of temperature compensation and trip indication.The products can be fixed with 3RT series contactors,or be independently fixed.The items conform to IEC60947-4-1.

1) Circuit requirements:
a) Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
b) Rated insulation voltage: 660V
c) Rated current: 0.1 – 100A
2) To protect phase break when electric motors are overload
3) Various temperature compensating functions
4) Can be plugged in 3RT series AC contactors

2,Types and Setting current

3RU1126-1CBO      1.8-2.5A

3RU1126-1DBO      2.2-3.2A

3RU1126-1EBO       2.8-4A

3RU1126-1FBO       3.5-5A

3RU1126-1GBO      4.5-6.3A

3RU1126-1HBO      5.5-8

3RU1126-1JBO       7-10A

3RU1126-1KBO      9-12.5A

3RU1126-4ABO      11-16A

3RU1126-4BBO      14-20A

3RU1126-4CBO      17-22A

3RU1126-4DBO      20-25A

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